Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Watch live of DUN at: http://dunpenang.ipglobal.tv/


Usually I have more inspirations (灵感) to blog at night.
Recently the Internet connection here at night was pretty slow.
Hardly to find articles/news to be used as links in my post.
Perhaps I should change my strategy de.

Monday, July 21, 2008

3R (recycle, reduce, reuse) : example

The price of petrol is "fixed" by our government.
However, the "fix" is based on their strategy and planning but not to also observe on the price/basket(桶) as published by OPEC (always updated).

With the "hiking" price of the petrol (or petroleum) from 2002, there are a number of research in renewable energy particularly bio-fuel.
However, bio-fuel is blamed for the food price crisis starting early of this year (SinChew, TheStar).
On the other hand, CO2 is still "released" (or produced) throughout the combustion of the engines although less CO2 is reported in using bio-fuel.

While all these issues (petrol, food) are needed to be resolved, the global warming could be the biggest challenge to overcome as we have heard news of disasters happening worldwide (China, Japan, USA, Europe..etc).

I think 3R concept can be the main theme in research to help while waiting for the "big boys" like G8 to agree to reducing their CO2/countrycount by 2050 [SinChew,TheStar] (can the earth wait? can the others wait?).

In helping the mitigation of global warming, this news reported a research in re-using the waste.
The re-use would help to reduce the waste.
Hope there are more and more research utilizing industrial waste to achieve 3R.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The "direction"of this blog

It's about too late now.
I have some more posts but will need to hold.

Thus far, the "style" of this blog is a little clearer, such as embedding at least a song in every post...etc.
I never purposely announce to every friends that I have started blogging.
(That's why no comment for every post.)
One of the reason is : I am still figuring of separating private posts and public posts.
But it looked like there is no such setting that you can make some posts "private" while the rest are "opened" to public.

Let me think in my dream first......

每一个晚上 我将会远望
无涯星海 点点星光
求万里星际 燃点你路

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'll be back to write (modified on 19 July 2008, 23:50)

A little too tired with today stuffs.
Take a nap 1st.
Be right back to post.

Add on 19 July 2008, 23:50
Internet connection is still slow now........

Last night managed to settle the media player to play the song, 海鸥 in my previous post.
(The pink color player is dedicated to play mp3 song only.)
Embedding songs into the player is quite simple but ensuring the smooth connection is pretty tricky.
There might be a tonne of same songs available in Internet but deciding a correct (maybe same song but different singers) and smooth one (file size might be a concern as well) required testing and validation.
Anyway, currently I can embed YouTube, almost all audio format songs into my blog.

Then, thought a nap is enough but sitting for nap became sleeping.......
Ha, paiseh ya.


Here's some updates, continued from my previous post.
I talked a lot in the interview and did not actually tried to "fulfill" (讨好) their requirements.
Who knows? I might hit wall.
I think my expected salary might scare them but I stress the word, negotiable....
The ball is with them now.
They will need 5 to 10 working days to consider while there are other candidates as well.
Just be myself.

On the other hand, I will have to email a Dean in order to find out the ASTS vacancy.
According to my "source", it might not be as smooth as I thought.
But do I have any choice?
Just go for it.

Free your mind like a fish swimming from day to night.

我的未来不是梦 / My future is not dream

My internet connection was down just now. Don't know why.
Did not have time to prepare new post.
As I wanted to make a post everyday, just a simple post here.

Today (Fri) afternoon will have an interview on a full time lecturer post.
Meanwhile, officer from university said I can try apply ASTS as there is no "order" from top management to stop ASTS.
The crossroad might be there soon for me to decide.

Two friends will leave and study PhD in Australia soon.
It could be tough in your research.
When you feel down, hear this song, 海鸥.

海鸥 飞在蓝蓝海上
不怕 狂风巨浪
挥着翅膀 看着前方
不会 迷失方向
飞的越高 看的越远
我愿像 海鸥一样
那么 勇敢坚强

Go for what you want and dream for.
This is the "something" will follow you and make you work "volunteered" (心甘情愿).
The future is in your hand.
我的未来不是梦/My future is not dream


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An"war" Ibra"him" [Can't write too much here....]

From his name, I can tell he will face a war and is related to "him".

Let's see the Part 2 after the Part 1 is released 10 years ago.
What else can the producers/directors deliver?
Bala, Syaiful, police "protect" Parliament, sorry from Syed Hamid, ......to be continued..........
Some news of Part 2 thus far:
KwongWah, SinChew.

Ask yourself.
Wish Mr. Anwar good luck.
Dances With Wolves, 1990, theme.

Debate? 52 minutes only?
One side is "If I were you..."
Another side is "Last time you........."
However, I like this comment as well as the author, 郑丁贤.

So, any solid plans/suggestions?
Oh! It's just a debate!

Let's step back and see, the announcement from the PM (he's the boss) this Friday.
It's better to be a good planning after the worse plansss since petrol hike,
else, hmm....., I also cannot do anything.
We are just ordinary people who wish all the best.

Ordinary People, 1980, theme, Pachelbel's Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.
(Surprised with the background of this theme...., 1, 2, 3, 4)